Transitioning for school

Transitioning into the first year of school is an exciting and challenging time for children and parents alike. Uniquely our Flying Start Preschool Program has been lovingly put together to prepare our little ones for their first experience at school.

Social Development

Playing and learning with other children to build on social skills is at the core of school readiness, and an effective transition. And more than that, our philosophies share the belief that community plays a central role in the growth of our personalities and beliefs.

The Preschool Program encourages self-driven learning and play. Led by our bachelor-trained teacher, the Preschool Team provide learning experiences and opportunities to develop essential social skills such as:

  • forming friendships

  • turn-taking and sharing with others

  • identifying their own and others feelings

  • self regulation when feeling sad, angry or anxious

  • treating each other with respect and kindness

Self-driven growth and learning through play

As well as being a part of our local community, our Preschool Program encourages children to express themselves as individuals and explore and develop their creativity using:

  • music

  • movement

  • health and wellbeing

  • mindfulness

  • language

  • literacy

  • science

  • self-care

  • the community around them

Why Flying Start Preschool is right for your family

Our qualified educators, management, and staff start every day the same way your little ones do: taking every day as a new beginning. We lead our preschool program with creativity, kind-heartedness, problem-solving, and open arms.  

To see if Flying Start is right for your family, we encourage visiting us and seeing the difference for yourself.

  • Extensive school readiness/transition to school program, in the year before starting official School (Kindergarten).

  • Experienced Bachelor-trained educators

  • Purpose-built Preschool with specialised facilities

  • Government-approved for the purposes of Child Care Subsidy (CCS)

  • School hours and longer options are available

  • School Holiday program available

  • Convenient location (on St Anthony’s Primary School grounds)

  • Canteen orders available, Monday, Wednesday & Friday

  • Uniform worn by Flying Start Preschoolers

  • Local family-owned and operated

  • Embedded in the Kingscliff community

Enquire, Enrol or Visit Flying Start Preschool

Our local family-owned and operated early childhood education centre is embedded in the Kingscliff community. We welcome children from all families and locations surrounding us. Planning to attend St Anthony’s Primary School is not an enrolment requirement as we liaise with your chosen primary school, to assist with a smooth transition. 

Contact us for more information, or book a tour for your family online now.


  • An extensive school readiness/transition to school program?
  • Experienced Bachelor trained Teachers
  • Purpose built Preschool with specialised facilities
  • Government approved for the purposes of Child Care Subsidy (CSS)
  • School hour and long day options available
  • Vacation Care available?
  • Before School Care & After School Care available
  • Convenient location on the grounds of St Anthony's Primary School and Kingscliff Public School
  • Local family-owned and operated
  • Embedded in our local Kingscliff Community


St Anthony's Primary School
23 Boomerang Street,
Kingscliff Nsw2487

Before & After School Program

School Holiday Program

St Anthony’s Primary School
Kingscliff Public School